Free XD Podcast UI kit

Free XD Podcast UI kit

Dilan Gunasekara created this new freebie and shared it with the community.

This is a free XD Podcast UI Kit which includes 23 screens and can be used as a starting point to design your own radio station / podcasting app. It is very attractive with a dark mode, clean and minimal design.

Free signup required to download the XD file (from either UI8 or Uplabs).

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Vietnam travel - XD landing page

Vietnam travel – XD landing page

Make sure to have a look at this cool new UI resource shared by Danish Khan.

He has designed this simple landing page for a Vietnam travel and tours website. The page has attractive colors and a travel & adventure kind of vibe.

All done in XD, thanks!

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Trip planner XD web template

Trip planner XD web template

Check out today’s XD freebie, created by Vivek Thakur.

This is a free trip planner website template that can be used for booking hotels, flights, or cars.

You can also search by city, country, or place to get advice on what to see in a particular location.

Hoping to be able to use interfaces like these soon!

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Cahome XD Ui kit

Cahome UI kit for Adobe XD (Premium)

Today we are featuring an amazing new XD premium UI kit created by the very talented guys at Capi Creative.

Cahome UI Kit is the perfect solution for any designer wanting to build a Smart Home or IoT project.

It includes more than 250+ elements and 60+ mobile Screens.

The Cahome UI kit is great for Smart Home Apps, IoT Apps or any other creative platforms, pursuing the aim to strike their audience with a powerful flow of colors and sleek UI.

Truly amazing resource right here, well worth its price.

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Free XD login/signup templates

Free XD login/signup templates

Kudos to Mayowa Arowolo who designed this new freebie and decided to share it with the community.

A set of free login/signup templates for any website or mobile app designed in XD.

There are 15 unique and colorful designs in this collection.

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Helpdown free app dashboard XD UI kit

Helpdown Free XD App dashboard UI kit

A round of applause for Zulqurnain Haider who designed and shared this freebie.

This is a free dashboard app UI Kit that you can use for any project – personal or commercial.

It includes 19 hi-res screens in two different resolutions. There are, both, dark and light mode screens in UI kit.

Font-awesome icons were used and illustrations by unDraw.

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Invitation widget UI for XD

Invitation widget UI for XD

Here’s a new free resource created by Ankur Tripathi.

This is a free UI design for an invitation widget created in XD.

This design would be useful in a Facebook-like app where the user can respond to invites from multiple people.The UI has Next and Back buttons allowing you to navigate between the invitations and also Yes/No buttons to accept or decline the invitations. Additionally, there is a print icon for printing the invitation, if required.

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Food hub - Premium XD UI Kit

Food hub – Premium XD UI Kit

Foodly is a new premium food delivery iOS app UI Kit for Adobe XD which will satisfy all your product design nutritional needs.

It comes with 50 beautifully designed screens and a hearty portion of deliciously responsive components.


  • 50 Screens (iPhoneX Resolution)
  • 100s of customizable components
  • Nicely organized groups and layers
  • Responsive resizing
  • Pixel-perfect Design
  • Compatible with the latest XD, Sketch & Figma
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XD Mobile payment & checkout screens

XD Mobile payment and checkout screens

Here’s a new free resource created by Israa Adel.

A set of mobile payment and checkout screens designed in Adobe XD.

The set contains both light and dark screens that can be used to create a shopping payment app.

A great addition to your list of freebies.

(Free signup/login to Uplabs required)

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Streaming XD tablet template

Streaming XD tablet template

Today’s new freebie was made by Sourav Aich.

A free tablet template for a web streaming app designed in XD.

The template has a Login button as well as options for showing movie images including New, Popular, and Featured movies.

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Art ecommerce app template for XD

Art ecommerce app template for XD

Today we are featuring a great freebie created by Amir Moradi.

This free e-commerce app XD template for artists allows you to search for paintings based on the style of the art you might be looking for, such as Abstract Art, Conceptual Art, Hyper-realistic Art, etc.

Enjoy this free resource!

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