Coediting and collaboration

With Adobe XD you can edit documents in real-time with fellow designers or you can get live feedback from developers. Keep in mind that only Cloud Documents can be shared to be coedited.

Save your design as a Cloud Document and click the Invite to Document icon from the upper right corner.

Click the Enable Coediting button to turn on the coediting features.

Enter the email address associated with the AdobeID of your fellow designer and click Invite. Collaborators can then invite other users to edit your design.

You can view in real-time the changes made by a collaborator.

Each collaborator is assigned a color. You will notice the little avatars next to the Invite to Document icon and the color assigned for each collaborator. When you select am object edited by a collaborator the color of the bounding box will match the color of that coeditor.

Coeditors can be easily removed from the Invite to Document pop-up window.