Plugins can be a real time saver whenever you have to automate speficic operations, parts of your workflow that are repetitive and time consuming or just extend the range of features and capabilities of Adobe XD.

To search, install and manage plugins you need to open the Discover window.

You can do this from the menu bar (Plugins > Discover Plugins) or from the Plugins panel, using the Discover Plugins button or the “+” icon. To open the Plugins panel click the bottom button from the toolbar.



Plugins can only be installed or uninstalled from the Discover window. You can also manage, sort and rate installed plugins inside the Discover window.

Once installed, plugins will show up in the Plugins panel and are ready to use. 


If you want to know what are some plugins that you should definitely install, please check out our own list of some of the best XD plugins out there.

If you got good coding skills, you can create your own plugins by going to Plugins > Development > Create a Plugin in the menu bar. XD will take you to a webpage where you can learn more about what it takes to create an XD plugin.