Mana Bottle Animation

Mana Bottle Animation

Howard Pinsky is back with yet another cool animation freebie.

Feel free to download this mana bottle designed and animated entirely using XD. This was created using basic shapes, pen tool, masks, and gradients.

Great stuff.

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responsive resize ui kit xd

Responsive resize Free UI kit

Today we are featuring another great freebie created by our friends at UI8

A fantastic XD responsive UI kit designed in collaboration with the Adobe team. The kit comes packed with 14 screens, 164 components and everything is fully customizable and responsive.

Included: 3 Large Desktop screens, 3 Desktop screens, 1 Desktop Overlay, 3 Tablet screens, 3 Mobile screens and 1 Mobile Overlay screen template

Enjoy this free resource!

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Quantum - High-end Premium UI kit for XD

Quantum – High-end UI kit for XD (Premium)

Today we are featuring yet another amazing premium UI kit, a real best-seller created by our friends at Spline.One

Quantum UI kit includes 600+ UI Cards and 100+ Pages in 7 different categories, and it’s finally available for Adobe XD.

This kit will make your design process super easy and fast. Drag and drop cards, customise, replace images and texts, in an endless range of combinations.

All cards are based on a Bootstrap 4 1140px grid, they easily fit together and they are optimized for horizontal resizing.

Black and white color schemes are used for all cards, and more than 300 symbols are available to use.

Thanks for creating this great resource, a must-have resource for those XD users wanting to quickly get started on their new design projects!

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Auto Animate - Free UI kit

Auto Animate – Free XD UI kit

The very talented Howard Pinsky is back with another great XD freebie.

This UI kit will help you get started with the brand new fantastic auto-animate feature! It will gradually make you confident in using basic interactions, drag examples and more cool animation tricks.

Thanks for sharing this super useful resource!

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Free iPhone XS mockups for XD

Free iPhone XS mockups for XD

Nur Asyrof M id back with another free resource, a free iPhone XS mockup for Adobe XD.

Highly customizable until the depth of camera lens and you have the ability to replace the image with your own screen.

Enjoy this useful resource!

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Ebook App Template

Ebook App Template

Check out today’s freebie, created by Siavash Memar

An Ebook App kit with page curl effect done with XD.

This freebie includes organized layers, assets, full prototype, and the design is responsive.

Thanks for sharing!

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