boovi kit xd

Boovi Content & Commerce Free UI kit

Kevin Naismith has put in some serious work into this free UI and Wireframing kit for Adobe XD!

Quoting him:

“This is an early version of what a native content, native commerce platform might look like but it is by no means a “finished product”. It’s simply one man’s interpretation. The goal of making this file was to offer a perspective and, hopefully, inspire others to offer their own.

I hope that you’ll find the work thoughtfully designed with lots of room for improvement. My design philosophy is simple: keep it clean, make it functional and get out of the way. I believe this file to be a step in the right direction but, believe me, it only gets more complicated from here.

As we build, scale and grow the Boovi platform we’re going to uncover issues that we haven’t even considered and, as such, it will take the strength of a community to make sure our platform is one everyone can enjoy.

If you’re a designer, UX architect, UI guru or just have a passion for interfaces and experiences I hope you’ll help however you can. If not, I hope you will enjoy what we build.”

The source .xd file is free to download from Kevin’s Dribbble page.



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