museapp xd

MuseApp free mobile UI kit

Here’s a truly amazing XD resource created by Diana Shurman.

MuseApp it’s a little free mobile UI kit made of 8 screens, beautifully designed in 2 sexy color variations.

Thanks a lot for sharing this, we are sure it will be very inspiring for a lot of XD users!

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Cooin Crypto UI Kit Adobe XD

Cooin – Crypto Free UI Kit for Adobe XD

Here’s another collaboration between Adobe XD and a super awesome designer, Oykun Yilmaz. 

This free UI kit has been designed for iOS and web, and it’s called Cooin. It features mostly UI flows and components for buying & selling digital currency, viewing currency values in line charts, personal wallets, as well as sending and requesting digital currencies.

With this kit, you can easily start your own cryptocurrency app or dashboard. And the best part? It’s totally free!

Great work Oykun!

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Juice Bar mobile app concept Adobe XD

Jusbar – Adobe XD App Concept

Our next freebie for today is the Jusbar app XD template, a collection of 15+ mobile screens carefully crated in both iPhone8 and iPhoneX resolutions specifically designed for a modern iOS app concept.

Firos NV crafted this juice app concept in a way that the colors are more lively, energetic with a hint of light and subtle colors.

Cheers Firos for sharing this cool XD freebie!

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Pawtastic UI Kit for Adobe XD

Pawtastic – Free Adobe XD UI Kit

Pawtastic is a beautiful e-commerce free UI kit for Adobe XD, brought to you by the very talented Meagan Fisher.

It includes 35+ elements that are ready to be used for marketing, products, dashboard and e-commerce experiences.

Not only that, Meagan also included 15 wireframes designs that you can use for your own mockups and prototypes.

Thanks for sharing this awesome UI kit!

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Finance Mobile App Concept in Adobe XD

Finance Mobile App for Adobe XD

Mithun Ray created this Finance mobile app concept as a UI challenge. With two versions, you are ready to take his challenge, download the freebie and create something new out of it.

Continue to challenge yourself Mithun, because we at XDGuru are loving the designs you’re sharing!

Don’t forget to check his Dribbble account for more freebies, such as this version 2 of his Finance Mobile App UI challenge.

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Adobe XD UI Templates

Adobe XD UI Marathon

Houngue Yaovi has this idea to start a 30 days Adobe XD design marathon.

Complete with different UI explorations such as headers, music landing page templates, a movie ticketing UI card, and so on…

Go ahead and download the XD file and explore some of the pre-made designs that Houngue created already. Don’t miss out the new ones so be sure to follow his Behance profile.

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Adobe XD Prototype

Locality – UI kit Prototype for Adobe XD

Today we feature another awesome Adobe XD free resource made by Sarah Parmenter.

Locality is an impressive end-to-end app design product which allows you to discover the best places around you. It includes more than 25 well-designed screens. Not only that, it includes a much detailed journey on how to use the app in Prototype mode.

Thank you so much Sarah for sharing this great freebie.

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Klein Adobe XD Wireframing Kit

Klein – Free Adobe XD Wireframe Kit

Klein is a free Adobe XD wireframing kit for you to quickly prototype your mobile or web UI design process.

Bertold Lakner made 28 screens of wireframing kit that includes main UI design components such as Menus, Articles, Login and Header options.

Download and start using Klein today and speed up your design and prototyping process.

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Travel App for Adobe XD

Free Travel App concept for Adobe XD

Designed with user experience in mind, Vivek Anand carefully crafted a 15 screens travel app concept for iPhone X, for you to download and enjoy.

The mobile app allows you to easily find and sort tours by date, location, best prices, and popularity. Vivek made sure that the app itself is designed in an easy way that simplifies the steps of searching for hottest tours in just a few taps.

Simplicity and minimalism at its best!

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Navigo FREE iOS UI kit for Adobe XD

Such a great day for the XD community, as we have yet another mind blowing piece of UI/UX design work to share, this time created by Aurélien Salomon. 

Navigo is a free iOS UI kit for Adobe XD, featuring more than 60 screens across 6 different categories and designed with a modern and colourful style.

It’s a free and totally customisable XD resource which will help you speed up your workflow while stimulating your creativity.

Definitely one of the best XD UI kits out there!

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