Find my Restaurant app ui kit

Restaurant finder app – Free XD mobile UI kit

Start the week off with another great Adobe XD freebie from Hamza Ibnelfais

The ui kit includes a 28 screens with a well-organized design assets for your next inspiration.

Finding restaurants located near you and easily switch back between map or list views are one of the few things you will see once you downloaded the .XD file.

A great resource! Thank you once again Hamza for sharing this!

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MyWeather App Free For Adobe XD

MyWeather – Free mobile UI kit for XD

Today we will feature a brilliant XD resource created and made possible by Mark Vasyliev

The file includes Mark’s re-imagine concept of a weather management app system. The .xd file is consist of 36 screens of how he imagined the weather management technology will work on our mobile devices.

Packed with a clean and minimal design is definitely a freebie that you should not miss!

Thank you so much for sharing this freebie with the Adobe XD community!

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starbucks mobile app xd

Starbucks mobile app redesign in XD

We start the week with an impressive new XD freebie, designed by Monodeep Samanta

This free resource includes a whopping 33 mobile screens, forming a very useful Starbucks themed UI kit which you can use as an inspiration for your next mobile projects with Adobe XD.

Thanks so much Monodeep for sharing this great piece of work with the XD community.

Happy downloading!

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PopArt Client Management mobile app

Here’s a new amazing XD freebie kindly provided by the talented guys at PopWebDesign

It’s a mobile client management app which you can use as UI kit. It includes 27 mobile screens + 2 style guide pages, and it was obviously made with Adobe XD (but also Sketch and Illustrator versions are available).

Thanks for sharing this nice piece of work with the XD community!

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Adobe Max Lab project file

Today we feature a great XD resource. It’s the .xd file that was used in a presentation made at Adobe Max just a few weeks ago by Demian Borba, member of the Adobe XD product team.

This file includes the entire workflow of a real UX project, from the initial design challenge, all the way to prototyping, wireframing and designing high fidelity mockups.

Definitely a useful resource for design beginners who want to learn more about an entire UX project process, obviously all made with Adobe XD and free to download.

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Windsail – Free Travel UI kit for Adobe XD

Today we feature a new amazing free XD resource kindly provided by Sheethal Krishna

WindSail is a free mobile UI kit made of 11 beautifully designed screens: cool colors, sexy illustrations and overall great looking designs, made for the brand new iPhone X resolution and available to download for free.

Thanks so much for sharing with the Adobe XD community.

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moon heart ui kit xd

Moon Heart – Free UI kit for Adobe XD

Our friend Tung Chi Vo is back with another amazing Adobe XD free UI kit.

This mobile UI kit is called “Moon heart”, it includes 23 different screens (!) spread across different categories and it’s a great concept for a social images sharing app.

You can download this UI for free from his Gumroad page (linked here below), but you can also enter a donation in case you want to give Tung Vo some motivation to keep on creating more XD freebies.

Keep it up man, great job! 🙂

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fabric ui toolkit xd

Office UI Fabric Toolkit for XD

Microsoft has just released an Adobe XD Toolkit for Office UI Fabric, their official front-end framework which allows you to build experiences that fit into Office and Office 365.

This UI toolkit includes an endless list of UI components, controls and layout templates that enable you to create seamless, beautiful Office experiences.

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personal finance ui kit

Personal finance free UI kit for XD

Today we are featuring another pretty cool free UI kit for Adobe XD, this time designed by Tung Chi Vo. 

This UI kit features a total of 15 mobile screens and it’s a nice concept for a personal finance mobile app.

Thanks a lot for the hard work and for sharing it with the XD community!

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banking ui kit xd

Mobile banking free UI kit for Adobe XD

Today we feature an awesome new freebie designed by Nikolay Boyanov.

It’s a free UI kit for Adobe XD made of 12 mobile screens, forming a beautifully designed banking mobile app (branded as Bank of America).

This is hands down one of the best free XD UI kits we have recently featured on XDGuru.

Thanks a lot Nikolay for sharing it with the entire XD community!

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ios 11 ui kit xd

iOS 11 UI kit for Adobe XD

There is already an official iOS 11 UI kit for Adobe XD provided by Apple itself on this page, which is the same kit linked within Adobe XD when you click on File > Get UI kits > Apple iOS.

It’s a great list of native components, but there are no actual screens of some default iOS 11 apps.


So we just found another little iOS 11 UI kit for XD designed by the very talented guys at Great Simple, much smaller than the official one but pretty cool, which is also available to download for free on their Gumroad page.

This kit includes 12 different mobile screens, featuring some default iOS 11 designs like the Control Panel, Lock Screen and several AppStore screens.

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iphone xd screens xd

iPhone X mobile screens for Adobe XD

Today we are featuring yet another fantastic Adobe XD free resource designed by Nhluong.

He’s back with a great set of mobile screens designed for the brand new iPhone X.

This freebie includes 24 beautiful mobile screens, ranging from 12 different categories.

Really impressive work, thanks for sharing!

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wallet ui kit xd

Wallet App Free UI kit

Here’s another XD freebie designed by D4ng MB.

Wallet is a free UI kit made of 27 different screens, and it’s inspired by a e-wallet mobile app.

To be honest, some of the screens designed are quite basic, but it’s worth sharing just for the amazing effort put in by D4ng MB and his will to share with the XD community!

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