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museapp xd

MuseApp free mobile UI kit

Here’s a truly amazing XD resource created by Diana Shurman.

MuseApp it’s a little free mobile UI kit made of 8 screens, beautifully designed in 2 sexy color variations.

Thanks a lot for sharing this, we are sure it will be very inspiring for a lot of XD users!

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100Flat icons xd

100 Free Flat icons for XD

We start the week with a great new XD freebie kindly provided by Nasir Uddin

It’s an icon set of 100 beautifully designed flat icons which you can use in all of your XD projects.

Thanks a lot for sharing this super useful resource!

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Cooin Crypto UI Kit Adobe XD

Cooin – Crypto Free UI Kit for Adobe XD

Here’s another collaboration between Adobe XD and a super awesome designer, Oykun Yilmaz. 

This free UI kit has been designed for iOS and web, and it’s called Cooin. It features mostly UI flows and components for buying & selling digital currency, viewing currency values in line charts, personal wallets, as well as sending and requesting digital currencies.

With this kit, you can easily start your own cryptocurrency app or dashboard. And the best part? It’s totally free!

Great work Oykun!

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Hospital Management System Dashboard XD

Hospital Management System Dashboard

If you are looking for inspiration regarding a hospital management system dashboard, today is your lucky day as Firos Nv is back with another useful dashboard freebie designed only for Adobe XD.

Download it today and be inspired to create your own dashboard.

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Designia Design Agency Adobe XD Landing Page Concept

Designia – Agency Landing Page for XD

Designia is a super cool and colorful landing page concept specifically catered for design or creative agencies.

This freebie includes a Homepage, Skills, Portfolio and Contact pages, which you can easily use to start with your own design.

You can easily create any landing or website design concept you can think of. This awesome freebie is handcrafted by Arup Haldar.

Once again thank you for sharing this great resource with the Adobe XD community.

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Vivee Food Searcher App for Adobe XD

Vivee – Organic Food Searcher App XD

Vivee is a material design organic food search concept app that lets you easily search the nearest place with the best organic foods available.

Erika Pricila created this concept app with 7 screens that include Launch, Onboarding, Login, and Location Detail screens.

Feel free to download this XD freebie today and enjoy creating your own.

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