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Photoshop vs Adobe XD

Adobe XD vs Photoshop: The End of Photoshop as a UI/UX design tool

For several years Adobe Photoshop has been the tool of choice for designers wanting to create web sites, mobile apps and user interfaces in general.

Then in 2010, the new kid on the block made its appearance on the market: Sketch, from Bohemian’s coding.

Especially in the last couple of years, it became a great alternative to Photoshop: cheaper and completely dedicated to UI/UX designers, it gradually stole a lot of designers’ hearts and went on to form a loyal and growing community.

Still, a lot of designers never left the Adobe ecosystem as you can’t really do everything with Sketch, and most importantly, this software is only available on Mac, so all Windows users could never switch to it even if they wanted to (unless you run Mac OS on a virtual machine or come up with similar hacks).


So how many people are still using Photoshop for UI design? Hard to say, but my guess is A LOT.

I still see plenty of new UI .psd resources sold on marketplaces like Themeforest or UI8 (UI kits, icon sets, ..), lots of Photoshop tutorials and courses are still being posted on Youtube, Udemy, Lynda and the likes, many projects made with PS are still appearing on Behance, and so on..

Hell, I also never stopped using Photoshop for most of my older projects, even though I use a mix of Adobe XD and Sketch for my new ones.

But things are finally changing for all these happy (or not so happy) Photoshop users: the time for a big shift is coming very soon.

Adobe Experience Design is here.

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Onshore App Adobe XD

Onshore App UI Design by Dann Petty

Here’s a truly beautiful piece of work designed with Adobe XD by San Francisco designer Dann Petty and used in the 2016 Adobe Max’s keynote presentation of Adobe XD.

It’s a mix of mobile, desktop and tablet screens, and a great resource for those wanting to learn more about Adobe XD and what can be achieved with it.

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Dishy app – Free UI kit by Adobe

A free UI kit released by Adobe when they launched the first version of Adobe XD, back in February 2016.

Although it’s not brand new, this UI kit is a pretty good starting point for those wanting to learn more about Adobe XD.

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ios 10 ui kit

iOS 10 UI Kit for Adobe XD (by Facebook)

A few days ago Facebook released an iOS 10 UI kit for several design tools, including Adobe XD.

This free UI kit is a pretty impressive collection of UI mobile elements included in the latest iOS release, for iPhone. This can be extremely useful if you want to learn in detail how Apple designed its new OS, or if you just want to use some native elements in your design projects.

It can be downloaded for free from the website.


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How to design a dating mobile app with Adobe XD

Hey guys,

in this new Adobe XD tutorial I will show how easy it is to create a simple concept for a mobile dating app.

Click here to download the source .xd file

As you can see, this mockup is getting a lot of inspiration from a pretty famous dating app, Tinder, but in this tutorial we don’t have to be too original, I just want to teach you how to use some very basic Adobe XD tools and techniques, while creating a cool looking and usable mobile app screen.

In the meantime, Adobe XD is getting better and better! Since the latest September release, it is now possible to preview your mobile designs on your iOS or Android phones, via a dedicated Adobe XD app which can be downloaded from the app stores. It is not 100% perfect yet as I found some font issues, but it looks very promising.. the preview is really fast and it really feels “real time”. The more I play with Adobe XD, the more I think this will be the design and prototyping tool of the future. Really looking forward for the new October release, maybe this time we’ll finally get the layers panel!

Stay tuned for the next tutorial.


New Adobe XD tutorial – Learn how to Design a travel app (UI/UX design tutorial)

Whats’ up guys? Welcome back to XDGuru! In this second Adobe XD tutorial, I’ll show you how to design a screen for a travel app .

You are going to learn a few interesting things in this 40 minutes video: how easy it is to design several icons from scratch, how to use gradients (new feature just launched in the latest Adobe XD August release) and how practical it is to replicate content in your design by using the “Repeat Grid” feature… and much more.

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Thanks for watching!

Click here to download the source .xd file

iOS Permission screens

iOS mobile permission screens – Free .xd file

In our first Adobe XD tutorial we designed two clean and simple iOS permission screens.

You generally see this sort of screens when installing new apps.. often app developers ask your permission to use your GPS location, your camera or to send you push notifications, before showing you the native iOS prompt.

You can download the Adobe XD source file for free.

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Welcome to XDGuru! Here’s our first Adobe XD tutorial

Hey guys,

welcome to! This is my very first post and I am very excited to start this new adventure.

My name is Luca and I am a UI/UX designer based in London.

UI/UX design is not only my job, it’s also one of my biggest passions. Actually I don’t even consider it a job, it’s a hobby which eventually allows me to make some money 🙂

In this blog I would like to share my knowledge with you guys and post tutorials and tips for a new pretty cool piece of software which was launched a few months ago by Adobe: Adobe XD (Experience Design).


At the time of writing this post (August 2016), Adobe XD is still in a free Preview version, and available only for Mac. What we have at the moment is still far away from a fully functional design tool like Sketch, or even Photoshop. Plenty of important features are still missing, and the software is just not yet ready to be used for real projects / real client work.

But we are not that far away: the guys at Adobe are doing a great job listening to the design community (maybe for the first time ever, I dare say), and they are iterating quite fast by releasing new updates on a monthly basis.

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