material sticker sheets xd

Material Design sticker sheet by Google

Google itself recently released this sticker sheets on its Material Design website.

This is a newer version of the Material UI kit already included in Adobe XD by default.


This sticker sheet includes the elements that make up layouts, including light and dark symbols for status bars, app bars, bottom toolbars, cards, dropdown menus, search field, dividers, side navs, dialogs, floating action buttons, and other components.

The sticker sheet elements align to an 8dp grid. Type baselines fall on a 4dp grid.


Most of the main objects like buttons and icons are already saved as Symbols, which is quite handy.

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Mobile E-commerce product detail screen – XD tutorial

Pretty cool video tutorial created by the Youtube channel “CodeShape”.

In this tutorial you will learn how to design a Mobile E-commerce Product Screen using Adobe XD.

There are no voice explanations from the author, only some background music, but the final result looks great, very nice and clean design!