android numeric keyboard xd

Android Material numeric keyboard for XD

In this very useful XD freebie, Ernest Gerber recreated an Android numeric keyboard so that it can be used in your mobile projects.

As this keyboard is not currently present in the Material UI kit included in Adobe XD, it’s quite a cool addition for anyone involved in Android app designs.

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statmen walkthrough xd

Statmen Walkthrough UI kit (Premium)

Another amazing mobile UI kit designed by the guys at

This kit includes 20 high-quality walkthrough screens which you can use in your next mobile app project. These are particularly useful for onboarding new users and if you want to explain your users how your app works after they download it.

Original designs, beautiful colors, clear typography.

All elements included are vectors, easy to modify and adapt to any size.

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statmen ui kit xd

Statmen Statistic Mobile UI kit (Premium)

Here’s a really impressive UI kit crafted by our friends at

Obviously made with Adobe XD, this UI kit includes 20 high-quality, beautiful mobile screens, which are the perfect solution for anyone needing to design an admin or stats section of their mobile app.

There are plenty of beautifully styled graphs and charts which will make your app look amazing.

All elements included are vectors, easy to modify and adapt to any size.

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xd collaboration app

Free Adobe XD Collaboration App

Today we have a fantastic freebie by Edwin Delgado, a San Francisco based Product Designer and Adobe XD power-user who decided to come up with an entire collaboration app made of 10 different screens, available for anyone to download for free.

Quoting him: “I did this in one sitting, so please note that even if it’s a simple collaboration app, I didn’t really go all-out thinking about all of the use-cases to improve the UX haha enjoy!”

Thanks Edwin for giving back to the XD community!


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