Restaurant XD icon set

Anano Miminoshvili is sharing with the XD community a great new freebie.

It’s a restaurant Icon Set including 15 single shaped pictogram icons created with Adobe XD. These icons can be useful for designing Menu app, food delivery service products, and more.

Happy downloading!

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Allumi XD icon set

Another icon set free resource featured on XDGuru today, this time created by Mike from Creative Mints.

It’s an Adobe XD free Icon set featuring 15 beautifully designed icons and giving users the freedom and flexibility of matching icon elements, by adding and removing details from the icons themselves.

Great inspiring job, and thank for sharing it with the XD community!

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Animal XD icon set

Check out today’s amazing XD freebie, created by Steve Wolf.

This Adobe XD icon set includes 20 animal icons that represent each animal’s simplest form and core essence. Icons are bold in style to ensure that they will work well at any size.

Thanks for sharing!

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260 Mixed Essential XD Icons

Here’s another XD icons freebie shared by Becris.

It’s a free set of 260 Essential icons based on a 50px grid, only made for Adobe XD.

It Includes the Following:

  • .ai unexpanded stroke.
  • ready to use asset PNG (0.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x) and SVG
  • .iconjar for easy to organize
  • .jpg preview

Thanks for sharing with the XD community!

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100Flat icons xd

100 Free Flat icons for XD

We start the week with a great new XD freebie kindly provided by Nasir Uddin

It’s an icon set of 100 beautifully designed flat icons which you can use in all of your XD projects.

Thanks a lot for sharing this super useful resource!

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