Hospital Management System Dashboard XD

Hospital Management System Dashboard

If you are looking for inspiration regarding a hospital management system dashboard, today is your lucky day as Firos Nv is back with another useful dashboard freebie designed only for Adobe XD.

Download it today and be inspired to create your own dashboard.

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Twitter Mockup Template in Adobe XD

Twitter Profile Web Template for Adobe XD

If you are looking for a Twitter Profile template specifically designed for Adobe XD, then this freebie is for you!

Simon Fairhurst re-created a perfect copy of a Twitter profile page and made it available to download as a free template.

Thank you again for sharing this with the XD community!

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Adobe XD UI Templates

Adobe XD UI Marathon

Houngue Yaovi has this idea to start a 30 days Adobe XD design marathon.

Complete with different UI explorations such as headers, music landing page templates, a movie ticketing UI card, and so on…

Go ahead and download the XD file and explore some of the pre-made designs that Houngue created already. Don’t miss out the new ones so be sure to follow his Behance profile.

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Tanz Shopping Cart Animation

Here’s another cool XD freebie shared by Mubin ul haq Vhora.

This time, he designed a nice shopping page with XD and created animations using Protopie (Adobe XD has native support to export designs to ProtoPie).

Both free source files are included. Thanks for sharing!

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