Timed Transitions   

A particular type of triggers that you can use in a XD prototype are Time triggers. Using these triggers you can create timed transitions between artboards based on time delay and duration.

Timed triggers are only available when an entire artboard is selected. Here is how you can create one. 

1. We’ll use this design to exemplify a time trigger for a quick welcome screen. In Prototype mode, select the first artboard and wire it with the destination artboard.


2. In the Property inspector, select Time as the trigger and set the time delay as you wish. Time triggers can be used in combinations with Auto-Animate, Overlay or Speech Playback actions, but for this example we’ll use a simple Transition action. Select a Push Left animation and feel free to try different easing settings. 

Click the Play button to preview your prototype and after 1 seconds your second artboard will push the first one outside of the screen.